Defends choice not to vaxx

Re. Sara Bennett’s letter Pandemic was traumatic (Castanet, Jan. 23)

Sara, the statements from your letter are at the very heart of what is wrong with Canada today. You stated: “The pandemic also showed there was a segment of the population who did not care about their neighbour's health. We were told the virus had a high fatality rate amongst the elderly, yet those people did not want to do the very least to stop transmission if it meant even a small disruption to their lives.

Do you understand that? These people did not care that they might infect and potentially kill their fellow human beings. Many folks lost loved ones to the virus.”

Your statement is sad, wrong, lacking compassion and empathy, inflammatory at the least and gives credence to the “us and them” narrative our government propagandized during the height of the pandemic.

People choosing not to (get the) vaccine did not mean they willfully intended to hurt anyone or mean they didn’t care. Quite frankly, with data coming out now, I dare to say more people would of opted out.

In the end the elderly got vaccinated and boosted. The decision not to get vaccinated came with grave consequences (for some), just ask nurses and doctors who lost their jobs, as well others.

This reminds me of a quote: “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” — William Pitt

Given big pharma’s track record, I ask, what has it done that elicit everyone’s unwavering trust? I hope we all leaned something from this.

We claim as Canadians we are loving, kind and compassionate people. We have a dark history of treating people horribly. COVID showed us we haven’t changed one bit from our past and that at the first sign of trouble we are more than willing to segregate and demonize a group of people purely out of fear. I hope next time we can do better.

Jason Yunker

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