Why so open about health?

Re. Thomas Prokop’s letter COVID still packs a wallop (Castanet, Jan. 19)

We seem to live in a new era of permanent hypochondria since 2020.

Although I'm sure Thomas Prokop writes with good intentions, I'm not sure why we live in a "new normal" where everyone is so concerned about everyone else's medical status and general health or why one would write to the media about their own personal health status.

I suppose I am showing my age, but I grew up in a world where you were either healthy, feeling like you were getting sick, or sick. You either fought it off and worked through it or you called in sick.

Many had little other option than to just work through a cold, flu or minor sniffle. Coughs could be worked through in most cases, even if hacking like the last rites needed to be called.

I have no interest in anyone else's medical or vaccination status. If they are hacking or sniffing, I will just give them a little more space.

Others should try this approach. It definitely helps reduce the social anxiety of the “new normal” and the neurotic hysteria of modern post-2020 life.

I much preferred the old life, before masks, vaccines, hypochondria, health neurosis, social distance “paranoia” and medical “apartheid.”

In Toronto, a hospital patient (Stephanie Warriner) recently died after an altercation with security about mask wearing.

The times we live in make me wonder if there isn't a collective outbreak of mass insanity. Perhaps that is the bigger health concern.

The new normal doesn't really sound much like progress.

Ricky Daytona, West Kelowna

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