End B.C. homeowner grant?

Re. Homeowner grant under fire (Castanet, Jan. 11)

Back in the (1960s) time of former B.C. premier WAC Bennett, the provincial homeowner grant was conceived to provide some school tax relief to people who owned homes who were being taxed to support the school system.

The grant has been in place for more than 50 years and was a good idea because home ownership actually has nothing to do with children and schools.

Now it appears some learned folks think the grant amount should be withheld from homeowners/taxpayers and instead, the funds should be handed to renters and lower income people who don't own homes. In some circles, that is known as "moving the goal posts.”

How about this move, perhaps homeowners should pay no school taxes at all and take away the grant? Maybe, those with children in the school system should pay the whole amount, whether they own homes or not.

After all, wouldn't that be a more fair representation of the "user pay" system, instead of creating another handout to those who aren't already paying their share? (Some) Homeowners are (already) paying $4,000 to $6,000 or more in municipal, school and house taxes annually and getting a grant back for about $1,000.

If the grant came down to a vote, I believe the homeowners would carry the day.

Yes, this is is opening a can of worms but in my view it makes just as much sense as creating another government handout paid by the "haves" to the "have- nots.”

A. Sanderson

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