Pets loved by all

Re. Bonnie Snyders’ letter Don’t forget food for pets (Castanet, Dec. 6)

Ma'am, you do a great disservice to the clients of the local food banks, as well as those homeless people in our community.

From my experience working at Central Okanagan Food Bank, the vast majority of clients are not homeless. They may not have had the same luck as you and I, but they are our neighbours.

As the saying goes "There but for the grace of God go I."

Yes, please donate pet food to the food banks, but let's not stereotype the recipients of the community's support.

As for the homeless, often their pet is the only thing keeping them going. The ones I have met will do anything for their pet, to the point of camping out rather than sleeping in a shelter where pets are not allowed.

They have so little, with so many backs turned to them, the loyalty of a lifelong friend with no ulterior motive for that friendship is a blessing. It's lonely on the streets.

Merry Christmas. And may the the New Year be better than the old.

Gary Lynch

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