Upset by federal spending

Re. Most unused COVID-19 vaccines will expire at the end of the year: auditor general (Castanet, Dec. 6)

The latest announcement on federal money wasting doesn't come as a surprise to observers of the federal government.

Indeed, $1 billion worth of vaccines will have to be destroyed since the demand is simply not there for them. Whether this is public distrust since the demand for each new booster sees declining uptake among the target groups or, perhaps, pandemic fatigue has set in as predicted by most experts in the subject matter, who spends money as if it is free? Why, governments do, at every level.

What can be stated clearly is the federal government wastes so much taxpayer money people seem numbed by it and a certain "waste fatigue" has set in as well as a pandemic of "debt apathy".

People should be frothing at the mouth but they seem content to part with more of their pay cheques, donate more of their profits or just seem to shrug and give up any fight.

Again we see other alarming news, this time from the Auditor General of Canada, who reports on a minimum of $27.4 billion in suspicious COVID benefit payments.

This is truly scandalous, again reflecting on the (Liberal government’s) ability to simply print and hand money out as if it was confetti. The funds seem to go towards vote-buying or popularity incentives, while the Bank of Canada seems to serve no function at all in this fiscal debacle. Actually, it seems to function like an enabler.

The government acts in the manner of a spendthrift head of a household who uses his or her credit card and line of credit without a care in the world and doen’t even need to look at a credit card bill or check an invoice.

It seems blindly unaware of its approaching credit limit, and not a single sleepless night is spent wondering how it will get out of this nightmare of indebtedness. It faces ruination but seems totally unaware of the situation.

In the current financial climate, perhaps you have seen friends or family acting like this. Perhaps they are unaware, or simply in denial. With regard to the government, it's hard to distinguish.

Instead of reigning in spending and having a very serious family talk around the dining table with the in-laws, the response is to donate even more money to the global circus, add even more carbon taxes, introduce meaningless totalitarian C-bills, fly around the globe as if there is no climate crisis and generally act as if it does not have a care in the world.

On the back of the Emergencies Act investigation and the furore over gun control bills, we are seeing an increasingly unpopular government add to its unpopularity. At some point, this becomes unsustainable.

Therefore, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's predictable response will be to hold a new federal election, whereby (NDP leader) Jagmeet Singh, for whatever strange reason, will yet again agree to prop up this despicable out of control regime.

Ricky Daytona, West Kelowna

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