More help for veterans

All Canadians should be outraged about the Canadian government offering assisted dying to a veteran who was simply looking for assistance in having a wheelchair ramp in her home.

This fight has been going on for five years? This government has no trouble finding millions of our tax dollars to send to foreign countries without the blink of an eye and yet it can’t find the funds to help with a wheelchair ramp for a veteran?

How many other similar cases are out there that we don’t hear about?

This is shocking and tells a lot about this government’s priorities and it certainly isn’t to help our veterans. It seems easier to snuff out a life than give them the help they deserve.

Now they want to make assisted dying even more available. Since when have we had a government in this country that promotes death over life?

It looks like we could be heading for an election in the spring. If so, please remember this if you value your life, and that of your loved ones.

Jacinta Jay

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