Do we need dot coms?

Re. The fall of the crypto currency fiasco. Is social media next?

Realistically, do we really need Twitter, Tic Tok, instagram or even Facebook? What use are they?

How about the electric car? Some brilliant dude figures a way to make a steam engine suitable for a car. There goes the electric car, along with the batteries.

Is there one sane person in the world that actually feels that (Elon) Musk's Space X company will contribute positively to humanity?

Does anybody really understand what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is talking about with his “Meta Verse” project, or whatever he calls it?

Trillions (of dollar) have been invested in these things.

Can't somebody just make a better, tastier can of soup that is full of everything you need, for a few dollars? That would be a good invention.

The uber wealthy could fly to space for holidays and the very poor could eat and survive.

If you can't eat it, sleep in it, shop in it, afford it or understand it, then don't buy stocks in it.

Ken Warren, Kelowna

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