Where's $10/day childcare?

B.C. implemented $10-a-day child care in 2018 across the province.

Four years later, and in spite of "best efforts", only 5% of the spaces in the province carry that price tag—and that is in an economically stable province with a “hardcore” NDP government in office.

As part of his election campaign in 2021, (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau promised that the average cost for child care will be $10 right across the country by 2025. Voters appeared to believe him.

Within a year, he has signed agreements with all 10 provinces and three territories, basically by promising he will give them bags of money in exchange for their signatures. That's his typical modus operandi, whether the topic is child care or carbon tax or health care.

If only implementation was as easy as making promises in the first place. Wouldn't that make (Trudeau’s) life so much simpler? But, as always, the devil is in the details.

We'll see if other provinces have more luck than B.C. What are the chances?

And if they don't? Is (Trudeau) going to take the money back?

Lloyd Vinish,Kelowna

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