Government wants guns

(Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau’s obsession with getting all those guns has become irrational.

While our prime minister is fast-tracking the regulatory process by using orders-in-council, instead of orderly debates in our federal Parliament, to confiscate guns from vetted and licenced duck hunters and target shooters, gangsters and drug dealers are engaged in gang-wars on many of our city streets across the country, virtually un-opposed.

Trudeau’s obsessions with guns is not that difficult to understand, when reflecting on (what I feel is) his obsession with transforming Canada into a Cuban-style socialist dictatorship.

Confiscating our guns is a clear signal he does not want to face an armed society, challenging his longer-term political ambitions.

There are also a number of compelling reasons why attempting to confiscate all those firearms makes no sense.

He will never take them away from the Indigenous people for the simple reason they will insist they still need those firearms to secure part of their basic food supplies.

We are all equal under the same laws, meaning we can, and will, insist we all need those firearms for the same reasons, as well as personal safety when working or travelling in less populated areas.

He will never keep Canada gun-free. There is very likely more than a million guns buried all over Canada, firearms that government will never know about, let alone find and confiscate.

Illegal guns are crossing borders into Canada virtually any day of the year. Criminals will always have guns.

Future governments will always have the option to allow ownership of firearms of some sort – especially for hunting and recreational use.

At least five of our country's 13 provinces and territories are now making moves to halt the confiscation of firearms and not participate in any buybacks.

Why waste billions of tax dollars to pursue what most rational thinking people would consider virtually impossible, knowing any future government most likely would abandon such a ridiculous undertaking.

Andy Thomsen, Kelowna

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