Alberta act a 'joke'

(Alberta Premier) Danielle Smith’s Sovereignty with a united Canada Act is a joke.

You cannot have sovereignty if Alberta is still part of Canada. Quebec tried this ruse and failed.

Smith cannot just ignore federal laws she doesn't like, unless she wants to be punished by the federal government.

Whether she likes it not, Alberta is just one province in our country and she is not the Queen of Canada.

What laws does she want to ignore? Paying income tax? GST? Gun laws? Medical regulations? Not everyone likes these things but we follow them as citizens of this country. And if we don't like things our governments do, we vote against them in elections.

I live in B.C., so I am glad Smith is not my premier. I have never been a fan of the (B.C.) NDP either but I admit they have done a decent job running the province without too many stupid decisions like the ones Smith seems to come up with everyday since she took office.

Maybe the cold air in Alberta has frozen her brain.

A Gordon

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