Don't talk about countries

Thank goodness Canada has at last decided to develop an Indo-Pacific policy.

Better late than never and let us all pray our photo-op loving prime minister is able to curb his “foot-in-mouth” tendencies and avoid preaching about nebulous Canadian “values” to non-Canadians.

As the junior member, Canada should be seen and not heard until it has something worthwhile to say. A private word to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from our prime minister for interfering in the internal affairs of India would be a good first step. After all, such interference is contrary to the U.N. Charter, is it not?

As India's new High Commissioner to Canada, Sanjay Verma has obviously been instructed to tell (Trudeau) and NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, internal disputes in another sovereign nation should never ever be commented on by Canadian leaders in public.

Sadly, it seems to me something so obvious needed to be said but I guess wisdom and respect for others legitimate values may not be part of Trudeau's Canadian “values.”

Let us all hope that Trudeau and Singh take heed. In diplomatic speak, India, the most populous and industrialized nation in the Indo-Pacific, has told us to mind our own business or else, if we expect to have harmonious and productive relations with them.

What saddens me most is I felt the need to write this letter because it proves just how much my pride and confidence in Canada has decreased as I have aged into my eighth decade.

Jim Bodkin, Vernon

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