Liberal 'fear mongering'

Re. Gun ban 'fear mongering' (Castanet, Nov. 28)

It’s unbelievable the gall of Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino’s accusations that it’s the Conservative (party) that is “fear mongering” in regard to the latest Liberal attack on law-abiding firearms owners, when from the very beginning in May 2020, by way of the undebated OIC gun ban pushed through by Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau, it has been the Liberals spreading misinformation in efforts to put fear into the general public.

The “assault style” firearm definition used in the OIC ban is completely a definition made up by the Liberals to make firearms that shoot exactly the same as numerous hunting rifles sound scary and dangerous to the general public.

There has been absolutely no statistical evidence to back any gun legislation the government has proposed, or brought in, since 2015 to show banning legally owned firearms from law-abiding (residents) has little if any effect on gun crime.

These useless bans and gun control measures effect millions of law-abiding (residents) effectively making their personal property worthless and, in some cases, turning them into criminals overnight.

There have already been millions—and will be billions—of dollars spent on getting these statistically proven, ineffective polices tabled and, if passed, enforced.

The (government) have continually used fear mongering, misinformation and deciet to the general public numerous times in a variety of high-profile, controversial topics when they have no proof or statistical evidence to back their positions and the Opposition doesn’t agree with its narrative.

It is unfathomable that there are still people in this country who haven’t opened their ears and eyes to see what Trudeau and his government are doing to it’s citizens with blatant lies and misinformation, creating division and resentment throughout.

Finally, some governments on a provincial level—Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Yukon have found the courage to stand up for their (residents) and say enough is enough and call out Trudeau and his Liberal pawns.

It’s time for the rest of the provincial leaders to start getting some courage and doing the same.

Jeff Kraus, Lake Country

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