Bad road design and drivers

It's easy to see why the intersections along Harvey Avenue (in Kelowna) are do dangerous.

There are too many impatient drivers running lights and no visible enforcement.

Here's what I found using Google maps:

• The Dilworth Avenue-Harvey Avenue has two left-turn arrows and the traffic on Dilworth keeps increasing.

• The Spall Road-Harvey Avenue intersection has four left-turn arrows but if you drive in that area, the number of cars that continue to go after the (light turns) red is amazing.

• The Cooper Road- Harvey Avenue intersection has one one highway left-turn arrow, restricted hours and two left-turn arrows on Cooper with restricted hours.

• The Gordon Drive-Harvey Avenue intersection has four left-turn arrows but so many red light runners.

• The Banks Road-Highway 97 intersection has two highway left-turn arrows and is a busy intersection and wide.

• The Highway 33-Highway 97 intersection has four left-turn arrows. The only explanation is red light runners.

• The Leckie Road-Highway 97 intersection has three left-turn arrows (One highway left-turn and and two left turn lanes for Leckie Road). Again, its a busy intersection now that the new Costco store is open.

• The Mills Road-Highway 33 intersection has a giant hedge that obstructs one’s view up Highway 33 and like so many obstructions in the city, it should be removed.

• The Bennett Bridge (has) excessive speed, tailgating and limited line of sight due to the centre height of the roadway.

• The Burtch Road-Harvey Avenue intersection has one left-turn arrow on the highway but lots of turning traffic from Burtch in both directions.

Between poor design and bad driving habits, it's no wonder these intersections are so dangerous. Don't forget speed is also a factor in these crashes as well.

M. Boyer, Kelowna

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