Dump the coach

I have played soccer in Scotland and coached in B.C. and have and attended many soccer clinicsI can tell you, without any reservations, Canada was not prepared for this World Cup.

They should have been playing exhibition games before the World Cup finals, against European national teams, like Italy, France, England, Denmark or Portugal, instead of teams that they knew they could win against.

Win or lose against those European teams, they would have learned (from those games). You do not learn anything playing against teams you know you can beat.

I watched the game (on Sunday) against Croatia and the Canadian coach stated afterwards, that (his team) played better against (the Croatians) for 20 minutes but maybe he forgot soccer is a 90-minute game.

I honestly found him to be very arrogant and if you listened to the Croatian coach after the game, he said whether his team wins or loses, he always shakes the hand of the opposing coach. When he went to shake (Canadian head coach John) Herdman’s hand, he was gone and never shook his hand.

Please do not misunderstand me, I love soccer and I believe with all my heart that Canada has a definite place in world soccer, but I also believe that is not with the current coach.

Thomas James McLuskey, West Kelowna

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