Government wrong on guns

The (federal government) says it is banning weapons "designed for war.”

Last I checked, a shotgun with a 30-inch barrel was not designed for the battlefield. Ninety-nine point nine per cent of the weapons listed in the (government’s) ban were not designed for war. The only rifles in Canada that ever saw war were the SKS and the M1 garand, back in the First Worlds War. (They were) plain jane, old, wood-stock, semi-automatic centerfires.

The other (thing) that gets me is the constant referral to sporting and hunting rifles and shotguns as "assault style.” An assault rifle is a selective fire rifle, meaning you can select single shot, semi or full automatic. These weapons have been banned since the 1970s in Canada.

We don’t have assault weapons in Canada, regardless of what the (prime minister) says. He is just using scary words and renaming our legal firearms to freak out those who don't know better. That is called lying. What a surprise from this regime.

Then there is the five round capacity issue. Well, newsflash! Centerfire rifles, detachable magazines or not, already have a legal maximum capacity of five rounds in this country.

This is all out civil disarmament, under the farcical guise of public safety. Legal gun owners are vetted. They are not the problem. It’s a pathetic attempt to grab votes from inner city people by going after the low-hanging fruit, rather than tackle the real issue of illegal smuggling and gang violence.

Rich Besinger

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