Liberal ‘elites’ living large

Food Banks Canada recently stated there were 1.46 million food bank visits in March 2022. That's 47,000 visits per day countrywide, the highest number on record for (the month of) March.

Meanwhile in September, Canada's Liberal government entourage spent a total of approximately $400,000 on luxury hotel rooms during a five-night stay in London.Yes, the prime minister himself was living large in a $6,000 London hotel room for five nights at a total cost of $30,000 to you, the taxpayer.

These are the actions of a government that claims to champion affordable housing and food security.

Why are the Liberal “elite” spending hundreds of thousands on luxury hotel stays while hundreds of thousands of Canadian people are starving?

Maybe these large numbers are best suited for a finance minster to digest.

With Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland's formal education focused on European history and Slavistics, combined with her career experience as a journalist, she is qualified to conclude Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is merely a modern-day Mary Antoinette.

Canadians are witnessing their standard of living collapse under the leadership of a (former) drama teacher (now) prime minister and a (former) journalist (now) finance minister. We get what we vote for.

Let them eat cake.

Malcolm Potts

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