BOC boss over Tory leader

Re. Matt Irnie’s letter Life no better under Liberals (Castanet, Nov. 21)

Reading the letter, it’s obvious to me (the writer) has set political views.

Personally, I don't believe in putting people on pedestals. After all, we are humans and we tend to make mistakes. That is why I don't believe people are squeaky clean. That only leads to huge disappointments.

(The writer) says the Governor of the Bank of Canada needs to be fired. He is just repeating (Conservative leader) Pierre Poilievre comment.

Poilievre made the comment about investing in crypto currency too. In my way of thinking, that's imaginary money, more volatile than actual currency because it is not government backed.

The people who made huge profits by investing in (crypto currency) were the people who came up with the idea. Today they are billionaires. The rest of the investors have made some profit. It’s just they could never make the gains of the original investors.

Whats more, I still don't understand why a politician wants to meddle with the Bank of Canada. It has functioned fine, since 1934. The bank is a crown corporation that's independent to carry out its responsibilities. This is one of the things that makes us different from countries like Venezuela. (Pun intended.)

Irnie says 54% of Canadians live within $200 of insolvency and the banks are forecasting foreclosures. (I’m) sure many people overpaid for the homes they bought. Also, some Canadians lost money by investing in FTX. Castanet had it posted a few days ago. The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan lost $95 million USD.

When the nonsense about firing (Bank of Canada governor) Tiff Macklem was being promoted by the current Opposition leader, I got curious and looked at who Macklem is. He is not a lawyer, like Poilievre. Macklem’s expertise is in money.

He is a graduate of Queens University with a degree in Economics and a PHD in cconomics from the University of Western Ontario. He was also the dean of the Rothman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He has written books and has a history of public speaking.

I think I will take the advice of someone like the Bank of Canada's governor—he has the education and experience—rather than the opinions of a lawyer who wants to be prime minister.

Lilian Busch

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