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Re. Matt Irnie’s letter Life no better under Liberals (Castanet, Nov. 21)

Interesting letter by Matt Irnie attacking another letter writer who is happy with his life in Canada under our current federal government.

Irnie assumes, or guesses, what the writer does for a living and that he must receive some kind of government handout because he's happy.

Irnie’s letter doubles down on all the right wing talking points, including the value of cryptocurrencies. Imagine if Conservatives had any power and pushed that agenda, we would all be living on the street.

(He) even throws out a Trumpism in his letter, like a dog whistle.

It's never a shock to see Conservative-slanted letters on Castanet. Most use the same rhetoric and try to make it personal. Many of (the writers) write in two or three times a month with the same talking points over and over and over again.

I had no idea when we moved here 12 years ago that the region was so full of Conservatives. But it does make perfect sense with so many people who have relocated here from our neighbouring province (Alberta).

I've been fortunate to travel the world and know how lucky we've been in Canada during the last few years. Is the federal government perfect. Hell no, no government is.

We had a mayor in Kelowna who was endorsed by far right Conservatives for eight years (and) who ran this town into the ground. Crime, petty crime, homelessness has never been higher.

(It’s) truly sad for people who have Conservative fiscal ideals, getting lumped in with the “freedom” movement.

With the next federal election three years away, we can all look forward to three more years of comedy.

William Zavers, East Kelowna

Editor's note: The above letter has been edited to remove a reference to a YouTube video by a person with the same last name as the original letter writer, who the original letter writer says is not him.

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