Life no better under Liberals

Re. Patrick MacDonald’s letter Poilievre’s credibility shot (Castanet, Nov. 18)

Patrick, I’m very curious what you do for a living. If I had to guess, I’d say (you are) a government employee, or someone who receives government funding. That’s the only reasonable explanation I can can come up with for your comments.

When you say “Canadians’ lives have improved under (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau”, who exactly are you referring to?

It certainly isn’t the 1.5 million Canadians who are now visit food banks. It isn’t the 54% of Canadians who live within $200 of insolvency. It certainly isn’t the elderly on fixed incomes who have to choose between food and heat. It certainly isn’t the over-extended mortgage holders who can’t afford their payments. In fact, RBC is predicting one million (mortgages) will be foreclosed on in the next couple years. And it certainly isn’t me.

The FTX (situation) is a moot issue considering it’s a fraud case. The CEO (is accused of) stealing funds and re-investing them without the clients’ knowing. That’s fraud and a criminal code violation. Those of us who have purchased Bitcoin made great returns over the past two years.

Even now, its value is double what it was in 2020. Furthermore, investing is a long-term game and I hate to be a spoiler but everyone is about to take a massive hit on their retirement savings once the economy goes down the tube.

Tiff Macklem, the governor of the Bank of Canada needs to be fired. He, at the behest of Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and Trudeau printed hundreds of billions of dollars, thus diluting the money supply. That’s why we have inflation and those three are to blame.

The carbon tax is a useless tax that does nothing to reduce emissions. The Canadian government has “grifted” $100 billion in carbon taxes and emissions are increasing. We rate 58 out of 63 countries on emission reductions. Clearly carbon tax doesn’t work.

(Former U.S. President Donald) Trump reduced emissions big time by displacing coal with LNG. Canada has the opportunity to displace coal all over the world with clean natural gas. It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned.

Patrick, I’d recommend you go outside of your Liberal bubble and take a look around. You’ll see Canadians are struggling and worried about the future.

Matt Irnie, Kelowna

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