Liberal transgressions

Re: Patrick MacDonald's letter Poilievre's credibility shot (Castanet, Nov 19)

The Liberal “flock” continue to ride the wave against (Conservative party leader) Pierre Poilievre’s crypto currency comment, made many months ago, before crypto, the tech world and many other financial investments tanked.

Amazon is down 50%. AMC is down 82%. BBBY is down 88%. Meta (Facebook)) is down 68% and the list goes on.

Poilievre has been on the political scene for years as an MP, for years as the Opposition finance critic and now leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. In all these years, the (other) parties have not been able to uncover anything on him—squeaky clean I'm afraid.

(As for) MacDonald’s comment: "I wonder how many people have lost their retirement funds by heeding the recommendations of Poilievre to invest in an unsecured token and an extremely risky investment and abandon their Canadian dollar investments?” None is my guess?

The reason for this Poilievre bashing is to deflect from the public, the numerous transgressions the Liberal government has been guilty of since (taking) in power.

Let's name a few: the "Elbowgate” incident in Parliament, the Aga Khan Trudeau trip (ethics violation that should have been a criminal charge), the SNC Lavalin incident (ethics violation), our prime minister caught multiple times in blackface, the We Charity “scandal” (ethics violation and then Prime Minister JustinTrudeau) prorogued Parliament), the Winnipeg Biolab “coverup,” (Trudeau’s) disastrous trip to India, his trip to Tofino to celebrate the first national day in respect of the Indigenous reconciliation movement, the latest Chinese political interference and bribery scandal and of course the invocation of the never-before-used Emergencies Act.

So let's raise a plastic…er…um...cardboard water bottle thingy to the Liberal Party of Canada. I wish you all are able to afford your Disney subscription for many years to come.

Michael Laurin, Penticton

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