Group 'discredits' teachers

As parents, we want our children to attend school, learn in a safe environment, have access to information that will serve them well in the future, and have people in their lives who care for them. It’s what all parents want.

Our schools have made great strides towards increasing safety and support for all students in recent years. However, a repeated and concerning emphasis on gender identity and sexual orientation is coming from some (municipal election) candidates, including those running under the banner of ParentsVoice BC.

It is a registered elector organization with a goal to “be the preeminent resource on education in BC” for everyone (including parents and teachers).

ParentsVoice BC has also been endorsed by Action4Canada, a vicious far-right organization that, in a recent press release (Sept. 28), falsely accused B.C. teachers of grooming children and implied sexual abuse in the classrooms, amongst other blatantly false statements.

Parents Voice BC discredits teachers and accuses current (school) trustees of “blindly following the dictates of entrenched interests at the expense of students.”

One Kelowna trustee candidate said, “I’ve heard from several community members that there’s more talk about sex in schools than academics.”

It’s an untrue, ridiculous statement and an insult to educators.

We believe that any group running with a platform of “taking back our schools” from the resources available to make children feel valued should not have our vote.

ParentsVoice BC consistently talks about “taking back our schools” and removing current, validated resources.

Please continue to critically evaluate statements made by candidates, look for those that are clearly based in kindness and facts, and make sure to vote for school trustees in this election.

Carmen Klassen, Carina Teichreb, Shelley Courtney

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