Voting remembers arts

As we head to the municipal election polls on Oct. 15, we’re thinking about the kind of community we want to live in, here in the Central Okanagan.

And we’re thinking about the candidates who are most likely to get us there.

For many local residents, it’s about quality of life and, of course, there are plenty of factors that make or break the exceptional quality of life we enjoy here.

One of those is culture. How can we, as a community, build up the arts, so the arts, in turn, will strengthen our community?

One way is to give the arts a better home. A performing arts centre will be a magnet for talent and opportunity. That will enrich our region. That will become an iconic legacy from our generation to the future.

We are Kelowna’s Citizens for a New Performing Arts Centre. And we have identified candidates for municipal council who share our vision. Please visit our website to learn more.

To the voters of the (city), we say, on Oct. 15, “It’s time."

Carol Colpitts, Kelowna

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