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Re: Anti-SOGI pamphlet distributed at Kelowna school parking lot (Castanet, Sept. 28)

There are four candidates running in for Central Okanagan School District trustee (in Kelowna) who align themselves under the banner of “ParentsVoice”.

The ParentsVoiceBC website is jumble of words that is obviously a smokescreen for its anti-science, anti-LGBTQ+ inclusivity, anti-government, wanting to ban books on inclusivity,( position). They avoid answering any questions directly and talk around the issues so as to appear supportive of all students.

I would assume that since all four of the candidates – Chris Fieber, Tovey Demman, Teresa Docksteader and Laurie Bowen – are running as some sort of coalition, they all feel the same way.

I will go ahead and make the assumption that the woman who was handing out pamphlets at Watson Road elementary about banning books to stop health education and inclusivity will be voting for the four candidates mentioned above.

Quoting from Castanet’s article: “The flyer bears the name of Action4Canada, a group that has gained notoriety during the pandemic for espousing anti-vaccine views and has campaigned against 5G technology, abortion, "political Islam," the United Nations, legal cannabis and LGBTQ issues.”

"Our mission is to protect Canada’s rich heritage, which is founded on Judeo-Christian biblical principles," states the group's website.

The pamphlet makes a number of false claims related to sexual orientation gender identity (SOGI) education in B.C. schools.

If you are wondering if candidates will support our children, regardless of how they present, who they love, what colour they are, what religion they are, they will tell you in their platform.

Just go look at (candidate) Wayne Broughton’s or (candidate) Val Johnson’s websites, like I just did. It is very clear what they stand for and what to expect from them. These are the candidates I assume will be focused on the best interests of all teachers and students in the district.

If you don’t support any cultures and lifestyles outside of the Judeo-Christian biblical “norm,” then you’ll probably want to vote for the PartentsVoice candidates.

Quoting directly from the ParentsVoiceBC website: “New (Conservative Party of Canada) leader Pierre Pollievre has encouraged Conservatives to vote in local elections for non-woke candidates. We would welcome his endorsement of our candidates.

Sara Bennett

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