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I took advantage of the advance voting Wednesday at the Parkinson Recreation Centre (in Kelowna), and was happy to see people lined up out the door to do the same.

I personally felt it was important to get my vote in early. The continued strangehold that Kelowna's “old guard” has on the city, and the rise of a slate of school trustees who concealed their stance on important issues were the key drivers that had me in the (advance poll) lineup.

That said, I don't try to sway people to vote the way I do. I have learned over almost my whole life lived in Kelowna that I have views that tend to run counter to the voting sentiments of most Kelowna residents and I am okay with that.

I have and will continue to vote based on my principles. I am not in it for the satisfaction of voting for the winning candidate(s), so it's not surprising (former Conservative MPs) Al Horning, Werner Schmidt, Ron and Cannan, (former Kelowna mayor) Walter Gray and (current Conservative MP) Tracy Gray did not receive my votes when they ran and won.

But I still vote. I believe it's important to register my judgement on how past mayors, city councillors, and school district trustees, as well as MLAs, and MPs have conducted themselves while in office. It is not about the result, but the process itself.

My real hope is that we all see the importance of increasing voter turnout. Because of that, my only hope is Kelowna residents take the time to vote, either in advance or on Oct. 15. Taking 40 minutes to research the candidates and what they stand for, and maybe another 15 minutes to get through the voting process in spite of the line, will affect how our city and local schools are run for the next four years.

That's about as much time it takes me to get through an episode of (television show) Ted Lasso, and is a small price to pay to ensure our democratic processes remain healthy and effective when so many other countries' institutions are at risk.

So my only ask is, please, take the time to register your vote before Oct. 15.

Cam Robertson, Kelowna

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