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Happy World Teachers’ Day to all the amazing teachers out there.

They deserve this shout out because, let's be honest, unless you've been living under a rock or never sent a child to public school, you know that teachers (and support staff and administrators) do so much more for children than just teach them to read, write and do arithmetic.

Teachers understand not all learners come from the stereotypical (or traditional, as some would say) family or home and when these students come to school they may require support in many different forms. They may need access to food, hygiene products and clothing items. They may require emotional support, mentoring, a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen to them.

Our teachers, support staff and administrators do all of those things and more, each and every day.

So thank you to those who put our students first.

The school community is truly part of the "village" it takes to raise a child. From the teachers and staff, schools, school district and community at large, we have a responsibility to ensure our students have access to everything they need to succeed and to do so in a safe learning environment.

Those of us in the larger community can help support our students by ensuring we not only vote in the upcoming civic election, but be sure to vote for school trustees as well.

After attending the most recent (Central Okanagan School District) trustee candidates forum, I can confidently endorse Wayne Broughton, Juila Fraser and Val Johnson (for Kelowna), Chantelle Desrosiers (for West Kelowna) and Gord Wiebe (for Peachland) as these are candidates who will put the students first. These candidates are ready to address actual urgent current issues (i.e. over-capacity, provincial funding), and form a board that will support our students, our teachers, our schools and our district.

Most of all, they will ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment for those most important - the Students of School District 23.

Sara Neukomm

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