Summerland mayoral choice

As with every election, having the right people put their names forward, work through the electoral process and actually form local government is key to our democratic process.

One of the challenges is that unless, as citizens, we are directly involved with these candidates, it can be hard to decide who are best suited for the role.

I am writing this letter to champion Doug Holmes for Mayor of Summerland, and will attempt to provide some background in support of his bid.

I have had the pleasure of working with Doug while we both served on the board of directors of the Lakeshore Racquets Club, trying to drum up membership for the club’s survival.

Doug demonstrated a clear understanding of marketing and communications and the club benefitted from the resulting membership drive. One key factor was the inclusion of youth activities. Doug spearheaded our youth tennis program getting his NCCP coaching certificate, bringing in more family members and adding club longevity with these new young members. The program flourishes today.

Doug decided to run as a councillor and contributes many hours to the issues we face within our community. Two election terms later I had the benefit of working alongside him when I was recently chair of the Downtown Neighbourhood Plan Task Force where he served as council liaison.

Doug’s knowledge and understanding of the issues was on full display at every task force meeting and his contribution invaluable for the development of the plan.

Doug’s experience, commitment to the community, demonstrated leadership and ability to problem-solve are attributes you should want to see in a mayor.

Doug will have my vote on Oct. 15. I hope this helps you decide yours.

W.E. Everitt

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