Picking who to vote for

I have taken more time than usual to learn what candidates for Kelowna council and mayor have said online.

This time around there are 32 candidates for council seats and five for the mayor's job. Many of the new candidates deserve a chance to represent residents of Kelowna.

Selecting just eight councillors and a mayor out of 37 candidates was difficult, but also rewarding. Anyone who does jigsaw puzzles would appreciate the feeling. Sometimes a piece fits, but it proves to be out of place.

To my delight, a handful of candidates are open to entertaining a ward system of voting, or something like it. One candidate questioned the need for a bridge bypass because apparently only 10% of bridge traffic bypasses Kelowna.

Nearly all candidates responding to reporters' questions said crime, the cost of housing and insufficient infrastructure to accommodate growth were matters of concern. The environment was also in the running.

Only one candidate said the number one issue facing the city today is fear. He then explained what could be done to alleviate it. He won my vote.

Not counting the incumbents, residents have 26 new candidates on the slate for council. Such a number speaks volumes about democracy.

Please take the time to vote.

Helen Schiele, Kelowna

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