Supporting Dyas or Habib

Wednesday, after work, I watched the (Kelowna) mayoral debate.

As a 53-year-old taxpaying resident of Kelowna for the past 38 years, I thought I would give my opinion to the homeowners and hard-working people of the community

I recognized two candidates who are not about the job as mayor. They are about building a better community and life for the people of Kelowna.

I saw two candidates who were not looking for a paycheque too lead the community into a better place for the residents that call Kelowna home.

I saw three candidates who were naive and do not comprehend the complexity of the job at hand.

I saw three candidates who want to continuously spend taxpayer money on issues that will not improve our community.

Now, the questions are, do we split the vote? How do we fix the issues in Kelowna? If we split the vote, we will have the same mayor (we currently have). That is what he is hoping for.

So, that being said, I would like to see (challengers) Tom Dyas or David Habib.

Who will take charge and help fix the problems Kelowna has?

Al Derer

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