Lack of attention for issue

During my (recent) one-person, one-day protest for the rights of the disabled (in Kelowna), I was approached by (mayoral candidate) Tom Dyas and Mayor Colin Basran to talk about why I was there.

Dyas wanted me to email my concerns to him, which I did. Basran approached me later, while I was being interviewed by Global.

Watching the one-on-one interviews with these two rivals, neither refereed to the disabled issue.

According to census (information released) in 2019, 23.8 percent, almost a quarter of the Kelowna population, is disabled. Where is the awareness for us?

I agree we have an issue with crime and housing but neither candidate is considering the forgotten, large percentage of its population which is an easy fix but they do not care. We need the city to keep things clear for our disabled to be able to get around no matter what time of year it is.

When an issue like this is pointed out and ignored, is either (candidate) worthy of running our city? What other issues are being ignored?

Doug Greenwood

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