A step too far

Re: Eby launches housing plan

We really need to start asking who certain politicians - David Eby for starters - think they are

If he thinks the solution to housing is to force solutions on municipal government, that is a policy and political position worthy of debate. Same if he wants to increase density or spend a half billion more dollars or open up government land to housing development. We can agree or disagree on the effectiveness and the decision and we can debate it.

But when seniors buy a home based on an age criteria in the development, and that was part of why they bought - recently or 25 years ago - who has the right to just arbitrarily take that away from them and dictate that they must change. Or strata properties that have a no rental bylaw - all of which pre date 2010 - and owners bought on that basis because they wanted to live among other owners and now Eby wants to wave his magic wand and take that away

Let's debate the going forward ideas and solutions. But unilaterally and arbitrarily taking away the rights of hardworking homeowners, living in condos they bought based on certain existing arrangements - is wrong.

Hands off Mr Eby. A Step way too far, too unfair, and will do nothing to solve the problem.

Shawn Thomas, West Kelowna

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