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Re: Pedophile gets day parole

It is unbelievable that a monster who posed as a lifeguard from 1968 to 2018 will get day parole after only 3.5 years!

The judge even stated " the psychologist assessed that you pose an above average risk to reoffend sexually."

As a 56 year old male who was sexually abused as a child we will never know how many children this man sexually abused because many children never say anything about their experiences. They psychologically " forget " the incident ever happened because of the intimidation the offender terrorizes into the child.

It took me many years to begin to piece my life together and I have to face such humiliation every day. This man has as a lifeguard offended and unknown number of times and he only has to deal with three and a half years of prison time, I and many others have to deal with it till the day we die...

We often in Canada feel the American justice system is too harsh, but when will the Canadian people realize how incredibly soft the the Canadian system is on sexual offenders, especially concerning children.

My life has been ruined because of such predators, how many lives did this man ruin?

I was on the street for many years before putting my life back together, how many people on Leon Ave or Hastings Street are there because of the same sexual monsters.

Disgusted with the judicial system in this country.

George Freeman

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