Problems at intersection

I am all for the necessary changes at Leckie Road and Highway 97 in Kelowna, but I have noticed a problem.

Since last Sunday morning, I have witnessed two vehicles in front of me and beside me, turning left to go east on the highway from Leckie Road (traveling south) from the centre lane.

I have also noticed several people switching lanes at the last minute because they just realized they needed to be in the left lane to turn east.

The old system was two lanes on Leckie turned left onto the highway and one went straight through, across the highway on Leckie southbound. There was also a right turn lane from Leckie southbound to go west on the highway.

The new system is only one turn lane onto Highway 97 eastbound, two lanes going straight through on Leckie and the turn lane to Highway 97 going west.

More needs to be done to show people how to traverse this intersection. Add painted arrows on the street lanes, put up signs, put up a narrow border between the left-turn lane and the straight-through lanes and change the lights to show which lanes are to turn from and which go straight.

One day there is going to be a bad accident there because people do not seem to understand the change.

Earlier this week, I was able to pull over to the right lane, open my window and shout out to the person trying to turn from the centre lane that she needed to go straight through.

Mary Potter, Kelowna

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