Supports involuntary care

I have to agree with Katherine Arrowsmith's letter that not everyone is an expert.

Which leads back to Tim Lyons' letter, “Two different issues". He is correct in stating the two issues (drug abuse and mental health) should not be lumped together.

B.C. and the other provinces divested themselves of mental health care a number of years ago. Governments were more than happy to close down institutions and release those who were lucid when taking their proper medications, into the community. Only those who truly were dependent on care were housed in smaller group homes.

Once on the street, those who required medication to assist with them being part of society had no one to make sure they took those medications

So, yes, those who reside on the streets in their own world and are a potential threat to themselves and others should be required to live in group homes where their meds can be monitored and to keep them from becoming vulnerable and exploited.

The addiction issue is a completely different subject. The two should be addressed separately.

M. Boyer, Kelowna

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