Blame the parents

Re: A Mullins letter Upset at younger bus riders (Castanet, Sept 28)

Yes, there is somewhat of a trickle down effect for bus riders.

A lot of those younger bus riders are students whose parents have figured out that bus passes are cheaper than paying what the (Central Okanagan) School District wants for yearly bus service.

Well, how about they (ride a) bike? That could be an option if the travel distance is reasonable but with the rampant bike thefts going on and all the “skids” having battery operated grinders, no bike and lock is safe.

Yes, kids are rude and entitled and self-absorbed. They are a product of their environment. Point the finger at their parents about that.

Also, why would you offer a seat to someone in a wheelchair? Just curious, maybe I'm missing something. Dont they already have a seat?

Finally, to older gentleman writer, hopefully you have more resources and smarts than those annoying kids and can use them to resolve your dilemma.

It’s not that I don’t sympathize but more that there is a reason for all of this, plus the transit strike is not helping at all.

Kevin Lewis

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