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I read Castanet daily for a overall picture of what’s happening in our community and around the world.

(On Tuesday) Castanet posted a story by the Canadian Press about a distracted driver in Alberta receiving his 13th ticket. It’s obvious the 40-year-old driver will pay the tax collectors and continue to do what he does to break the law. He doesn't care.

Shame on him for endangering all the other law-abiding drivers on the road.

That being said, why did the Canadian press not tell us how many accidents that driver has been in or has caused do to his driving behaviour?

I see people on their cell phones (in vehicles) everyday day. I drive 20 kilometres back and forth to work and I see people in $100,000 cars doing business on their cell phones, and putting make up on. Why are there no statistics about who is causing the accidents? (Is it young drivers, old drivers, men, women, age groups, drivers who are inexperienced on Canadian roads? I am sure they have all the stats.

Tell the public how many accidents has this (Alberta driver) been responsible for.

Al Derer

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