Voters think for themselves

Re. Cassandra Lake’s letter Will take Dyas over Basran (Castanet, Sept. 23)

I think is disrespectful to assume people in Kelowna cannot think for themselves, since the average age of people in this city is 44.

The writer complains about John Weisbeck and his wife writing their personal opinions. To me that's all they are, their opinions. What's more, while complaining about the couple's opinions, the writer tell us who she's supporting. Again, a personal opinion.

It is something that it will not change me or my friends’ decisions about who we are voting for.

I must say, I agree with one of the points Weisbeck makes. The prospective mayor should have experience as a city councillor.

As for blaming the current mayor for the increase in crime, that is not true. This assumption is unwarranted because crime rates involve every level of government to varying degrees. There's no mayor or councillor in the entire country, regardless of their political views, who doesn't believe public safety is the number one concern, when it comes to their community.

There is also no single official with the ability to control crime rates. It is inaccurate to blame it solely on the mayor.

The factors that influence crime rates vary widely and include funding, local and provincial programs and economic conditions.

Lastly, I think Kelowna voters are intelligent people and have the ability to decide for themselves.

Lilian Busch

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