Add Hodge to list

Re. Liveable Kelowna likes six (Castanet, Sept 27)

I would like to reply to the list (of endorsed candidates) put out by (Liveable Kelowna).

The group has some good ideas, however, added to its list should be (incumbent Coun.) Charlie Hodge.

He is the only one on the council who always sticks up for the common people of Kelowna. He has been fighting for years to stop council from being in the pockets of developers, who only know how to bulldoze their way through everything and cut all the beautiful trees down. He has no signs messing up our roads because he is like (former city councillor) Robert Hobson, who, was when he was on council, said his reputation speaks for itself.

I have lived here all my life (87 years) and hate to see my lovely city being wrecked. Council talks about more affordable housing while it gave the OK to remove Central Mobile Park on Casorso Road.

Have any of (council members) driven through this wonderful place? It is affordable for the residents and they keep all their yards looking nice and have a wee park with beautiful trees. Where are they to go? Developers do not care.

This should never have been given the OK. Maybe a new council could reverse this?

All that said, I would agree with most of what (Liveable Kelowna) has to say, especially (the inclusion of candidate) Davis Kyle. I think this young man has carefully thought out what needs to done in answering his questions.

People of Kelowna, please think carefully before you vote—but do vote.

Dorothy Thomson, Kelowna

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