Surge in development

Does anyone else notice a surge in re-applications for developments prior to the election for a new city council for Kelowna?

These developers know this council will rubber stamp their development, while a totally new one won’t.

My question is how is it possible for this mayor and city council to make important decisions regarding new or proposed developments, when in a short period of time they may no longer be in a position to approve them?

If the citizens in Kelowna re-elect this current council, you can enjoy unfettered development with no regard to concerns from (residents) who will be impacted and no concern for infrastructure or firefighting concerns.

Finally, if this council and mayor are re-elected, expect severe traffic problems that will not be considered and severe parking problems at buildings whose (developers) paid a few thousand dollars to have fewer parking requirements.

Thank you Castanet for bringing the thoughts and reasoning behind each candidate’s platform. I am sure many others feel the same way as I do.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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