Apathy an election problem

The problem with voting for a new (city) council in Kelowna is the problem of apathy.

How many of us are engaged in the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of what the current council is doing? Is the rapid development of new high rises a boon to Kelowna and are they the most helpful to middle and lower income citizens, and seniors who are on a fixed income? How about rentals - are they in plentiful supply?

Claiming a few spaces for the homeless before an election is cynical at best, particularly when our mayor announced on local television news just about two years ago there was nothing else he could do to help the homeless.

Does this council listen to what Kelowna residents are saying, or do we need some fresh faces who really care about this city and are really listening?

Another five years of the same-old same-old is staring us in the face.

It’s time to wake up and face the music. Do we really want Kelowna to become Vancouver 2.0 and lose what little charm is left of our once fair city?

People, think carefully because the future of Kelowna is now up to you.

Laurence D. M. Marshall, Kelowna

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