Will take Dyas over Basran

Re. John Weisbeck’s letter Sit as a councillor first (Castanet, Sept. 23)

I’m writing in response to a letter by John Weisbeck.

I want to start off by saying it’s funny to read back-to-back posts by John and his wife Alli McNeill in support of (Kelowna Mayor Colin) Basran. I guess one letter wasn’t enough.

John wrote his letter about the need to be on council first before being mayor, and took the opportunity to take jabs at (mayoral candidate) Tom Dyas, who’s the former president of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.

(Weisbeck) says he knows you have to be on council first, before being mayor, because he was on council before, and then says that (former councillor) Andre Blanleil said the same thing, so it must be true.

What’s funny about that statement is neither John nor Andre have ever been mayor, so how on earth would they know?

I did a quick Google search and none of the current mayors of Vancouver, Regina, Winnipeg and Toronto, to name a few, served on council before being mayor. Kelowna’s a special place in Canada, but we certainly don’t have a special requirement to be mayor.

Dyas has worked in the financial and insurance business for 37 years. He’s been on the advocacy committee of the Kelowna chamber for nine years, was president of the chamber for two years, and sat on numerous boards including the Journey Home Task Force, Child Advocacy Centre Board, Airport Advisory Committee and more.

That’s his most recent experience.

Basran was a TV personality and then a realtor for an extremely brief stint. I’ll take Dyas’ experience over Basran’s any day of the week.

Look at the results under Basran. We have the highest crime rate in Canada, that’s some legacy he’s leaving. But wait, thank goodness he was on council first. Clearly that experience paid off in spades.

Thanks for the advice former non-mayor residents, but I’ll take the long-term Kelowna businessman and volunteer over the two-term mayor and former TV personality who’s left us with the highest crime rate in Canada.

Cassandra Lake, Kelowna

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