Sit as a councillor first

As a former City of Kelowna councillor and former two-term MLA, I know the importance of having experience in a formal political setting to get the job done professionally and without wasting taxpayers’ money.

(Former city councillor) Andre Blanleil was recently quoted as stating how important it is for anyone running for mayor to have been a councillor first, to learn the ropes and the rules.

The fact that (mayoral candidate) Tom Dyas has not been in the political arena ever concerns me. I believe he needs to learn the ropes first by working through the opportunity of sitting as a council member and working as (part of) a team.

We are voting for the “proven experience” which Mayor Colin Basran has showcased from the time he was a City of Kelowna councillor and when he became our mayor in (2014).

John Weisbeck

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