Supporting Kelowna's mayor

(Mayor) Colin Basran’s family have lived in Kelowna since 1902, when his grandfather moved here from India. They settled in Rutland.

Colin (has seen) Kelowna grow from a small town into the fastest growing community in Canada. Now, as a family man, he wants to see his children, and eventually his grandchildren, thrive. This is a man who wants the best for this place we call home.

The boundaries around this city mean growth is limited as water and mountains surround us. Council has divided us into five areas of growth and each one needs attention with long-range planning to prevent too much expensive urban sprawl and for optimal growth.

Planning is vital for our community and Colin always looks ahead to ensure this is done well. He expresses ideas for this, through increasing housing for families and rental and condo units to bring down rental costs.

He and the province are hard at work providing containment for those who are unable to cope in our society due to mental illness and/or criminal behaviours. There are now 30 beds for these individuals, so they no longer go through the revolving door of our justice system and threaten our population.

He is in constant touch with the province to ensure our health care improves.

Colin has the expertise, knowledge and contacts to see our city grow well and safely so we are prepared to be leaders in Canada in every respect.

I (will) vote for Colin, who has guided us through this difficult time. I encourage everyone to listen to one of his talks and vote for him.

Flo Masson, Kelowna

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