Liquor licence opposed

Re. Kelowna council supports liquor license application for Revelry (Castanet, Sept. 21)

On Sept. 20, (Kelowna’s) mayor and city council approved (supported) a new liquor primary licence for a 685-person music venue (aka nightclub) downtown, serving until 1 a.m.

This is immediately adjacent to a large residential condo building, with other large residential and university buildings currently in the works.

I am dismayed and disappointed by the mayor and council’s lack of due diligence and their disregard for property owners' right to quiet enjoyment of their homes.

Not once in their deliberation could I see any indication they considered the disturbance that will be created by 685 people funnelling out onto the street at 1 a.m., after many hours of alcohol consumption.

The mayor and council apparently ignored the Official Community Plan, Council Policy 359 (Liquor Licensing Policy & Procedures) and mandatory requirements. As well, they apparently ignored all comments pointing out the discrepancies in the application and the harm this venue will do to the community.

We will be examining all remedies, including legal options, to have a liquor primary license approval overturned due to possible negligence, breach of fiduciary duty of the mayor and council and failure to follow due process, among other issues.

We have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for legal costs. Donations can be made there.

Lloyd Pederson, Kelowna

(Editors note: In B.C., municipal councils do not approve liquor licences. They can only support or oppose them and forward their position to the province, which makes the final decision.)

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