Penticton election questions

Re. Clifford Martin’s letter his type of candidates (Castanet, Sept. 12)

I agree with Mr Martin, what do the people running for council really care about in Penticton?

Taxpayers want to know, do they agree with the bike lanes and the cost and borrowing money to complete them?

We want to know who supports the hiring of more police and bylaw officers?

We want to know what up and coming projects they support.

We want to know if they support housing on Main Street.

We want to know if they are planning to change the community plan in the future.

We want to know if they plan to change Lakeshore Drive in Penticton.

These are simple questions we need answers to so we can make an informed decision about who to vote for.

So let’s get these (questions) answered without sugar coating or avoiding answering the questions. We have the right to know the answers before we vote.

So, to all candidates running for council and mayor, please respond.

Brian Kettle

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