Solar cells not the answer

Re. William Zavers letter Climate change is real (Castanet, Sept. 9)

In response to W. Zavers, you say global warming is real but offer no independent scientific justification for that view.

In a previous letter, I quoted a study which showed a high percentage of temperature sensors in the U.S. are inaccurate due to urbanization. Governments then quote how warm it is compared to previous years even though the data is false. Unfortunately many people believe what the government is telling them without question.

The (recent) heat wave in Europe was forecast last year, as were the floods in Pakistan. The forecast was based on emissions from the Sun and moon cycles and have nothing to do with CO2

There is nothing wrong with looking for alternative sources of energy, unfortunately solar cells are not the answer because the current technology only allows a maximum of 36% conversion factor and we are almost there. So no major improvement is possible.

What we should be doing is looking for alternatives while still using the cheapest form of energy—oil and gas. That way industry and jobs are not decimated.

Terry Church

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