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To the editor:

Why is there just "talk" of water restrictions? There should be restrictions implemented NOW not in a few months when the water level gets even lower. The restrictions should be harsh now and if we do get lots of rain then ease them. People here in Kelowna are water wasters to the max! There are people in my North Glenmore neighbourhood already watering their lawns!!! Is it really that important to have bright green lawns?


To the editor:
I have been waiting for an article to come out in regards to water restrictions. With the shortage from last year, lack of snow pack, and very little rain, it does not surprise me at all that there could be water restrictions again this year.

As a property owner I try to do my part in conserving water. I purchased my home with immaculate lawns and cedars. This was 2 years ago. Now my lawn looks terrible and I have lost some of my cedars due to lack of water.

I followed every instruction that was given on conserving water and I still had an obnoxious By-Law officer tell me that I was using to much water. I again cut my consumption further by not watering the grass and trees on the city's property that border the street in front of my yard. This was obviously the wrong decision as I again got the gears from the city for not watering this section. This is not MY grass or trees and I have to pay for the water that is used. I think that if the City has a problem with this, then they should send out their watering trucks more often and take care of their own lawns.

I also have a real problem with the Kelowna Golf & Country Club next door. How come this golf course has the most lush grasses anywhere in the valley? They are already turning their sprinklers on full blast. How do they get to water every day when no one else can? Even last summer when the whole town was on restriction and the lake was dropping, with no rain insight, this golf course watered daily! It is appalling!

I think that if there is a restriction in place it should be adhered to by everyone and not just the home owners.


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