Unhappy with city council

Re. Kelowna municipal election

This is the first time I have written a letter to the editor but I feel I must after reading the article (about) Brett Wilson.

Wilson, a prominent Calgary developer and TV celebrity has announced his support for (Kelowna) Mayor Colin Basran’s re-election.

This, of course, shouldn’t be shocking—a developer endorsing a mayor with a track record of saying yes to every single development with no regard for traffic, the environment, parkland, infrastructure or the Official Community Plan.

But what was most interesting and telling about the endorsement ,was Wilson couldn’t even finish his endorsement without bringing attention to the 70 acres of land he owns in the ALR in Kelowna.

(It is) land he says: “I may decide to do something with that. I may sell it. I may give it back to the city.”

There it is. He owns 70 acres of land in the ALR that he would like to develop, sell to the city or do some sort of land swap.

News outlets previously reported Basran rented a home in the upscale Abbott Street neighbourhood from land developer and Canucks owner the Aquilinis.

Once again, it’s become clear, this mayor enjoys the company of out of town developers.

It’s time the (residents) of Kelowna vote in new city councillors and mayor.

I hear many long-time, and new, citizens complain about the direction (the current) council is taking with respect to development but doing nothing about crime, traffic and homeless camps.

Kelowna has the highest crime rate in Canada. Mayor Basran has had eight years to correct the crime problem but when interviewed, said he was shocked to hear this news report even though the RCMP warned council previously of the serious crime rate in Kelowna.

Wake up (residents) of Kelowna. It’s not too late to clean up our city and make it the beautiful welcoming city it once was.

Make your voice heard Saturday, Oct. 15. Vote for a new mayor and council.

A Dalsvaag, Kelowna

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