Opposing bench build out

If anyone has any concern for the future of the Naramata Bench and the proposed development at 1050 Spiller Road, one need not look any further than 880 Naramata Road to see what kind of developer Canadian Horizons really is.

Almost 4 years ago the developer, which is the one proposing the subdivision above Naramata Bench, ripped out a productive peach orchard and promptly dumped 100s of dump-truck-loads of fill onto the property. 880 Naramata road is now an unsightly mess of sand, gravel, boulders and invasive weeds on the otherwise scenic Naramata Road. The weeds are a nuisance to local farmers as they are spreading with a vengeance that only the Russian thistle can manage. The whole mess reflects very poorly on Canadian Horizons.

Driving from Penticton toward and along Naramata Road are many sign that express opposition to the proposed Canadian Horizons project. For so many people and businesses to display signs on their own properties speaks volumes about the strength of the opposition to Canadian Horizons.

If you feel inclined to add your voice to express your own opposition to subdivisions on the bench, let your council members know - a single email will reach the mayor and each of the council members: [email protected]

Hans Karow, Penticton

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