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Re: Air conditioners for seniors

Within a few hours of the appeal, I received an email from Bev Carter of Kelowna.

She wrote “I read your column and subsequent letter on Castanet and I have a freestanding AC that vents out the window with a hose, so if you want it for the seniors you can have it. I am replying through my work email but instead please respond by text to my personal phone number to arrange for pick up for this weekend. If you don’t get enough donations please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to scrounge up monetary donations for it. It absolutely saddens me that these places don’t have proper AC.”

I was delighted to hear from Bev and last Saturday evening we picked up her unit and dropped it off for a lucky resident who was one of the whistle blowers. The elderly woman thanked me for it and looked forward to being able to chill out.

The senior was afraid that if she slept in her suite she wouldn’t wake up again because of the soaring temperatures inside. Thankfully however another tenant offered her the living room couch for her to lay her head on at night in the meantime, in a place with an A/C. It was much better than resting on a lawn chair outside.

However other residents living there aren’t so fortunate, and don’t have family or friends to turn to, nor the money to buy a $600 machine.

The relentless summer heat is an ongoing problem. If you can help in some way please email me at [email protected]

They are still in need of about twenty more air conditioners.

I’d like to thank Bev for stepping up to the plate and helping out with this gift of life. You have a kind and generous heart for the disadvantaged aged in our community.

Doreen Zyderveld-Hagel, Kelowna

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