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Everyone knows the Bennett Bridge is always slow or completely stopped.

Here is some free planning advice. Kelowna and West Kelowna city councils and the local MLA's should be petitioning the transportation ministry for some much needed changes. We all know a new bridge is in the future, if it even happens.

What could be done is eliminate the lights at Abbott St. Make a double left turn lane at Ellis with Ellis being a one way until Leon. Ensure the left turn lane is double wide and long enough to handle the traffic. Keep the through traffic moving on Ellis by ensuring the traffic light stays green until the left turn arrows from the highway are red.

I'm sure there are other intersections the city controls but I'm more familiar with the one at Springfield and Benvoullin. Currently the back log of vehicles trying to access Springfield or Dilworth can be backed up past Bryns Road. Now is the time to fix this. The land on the north east corner of Springfield and Benvoullin is not developed. Extend and widen the right turn lane back to just short of Mayer Road. When traffic on Springfield has the left turn arrow to turn onto Benvoullin, ensure that there is a right turn arrow at Springfield to keep turning traffic moving.

Mark Boyer, Kelowna

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